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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 27, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it was supposed to be a day to reconnect with friends, a day for teachers to get to know their students and the new classes. >> it's a day students won't soon forget. let's go out to joce sterman who has been following the story since it all started. what do you have for us? >> reporter: at 10:45 this morning a gunman opened fire at perry hall high school. at this point police are not releasing the name of the 15-year-old suspect, in part, because that individual is a juvenile but students, neighbors, witnesses have been telling us the name but we are choosing to withhold it. we went to the 15-year-old suspect's home. we saw police block the street and officers lined up where the suspect lives. neighbors say the teenage boy is a nice kid, as far as they know, one of three children.
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his parents were divorced. a smart kid, who played middle school, football but in the last few years he has changed, becoming darker, someone more withdrawn and there had been a marked deference in his personality. they also say in recent years he had been the victim of bullying. it was known in the community handle people wondering if there was a warning of this happening today. we can tell you on facebook before school started, the individual named as the suspect posted or -- post add foreboding message saying first day of school, last day of my life, interesting message. they are not releasing his name yet because he is is a juvenile. we're told that the 17-year-old shooting victim is recovering at shock trauma. joce sterman, abc2 news. you can't even imagine what the victims go through but this
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man can. we welcome dr. cornell cooper who has been working shock trauma for 100 career -- years now. you see teenagers. you see 10-year-old's coming. gunshot wounds, stab wounds. >> it's really distressing to us. our goal is to get them through the process, get them out alive and the next dole to work on them once -- goal to work on them once they've survived. we need to look at the issues that put our young kids at risk of violence. >> how frustrated are you working on a 17-year-old on the operating table? extremely frustrating. what helps us, a program that
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will help them not come back to it's still frustrating but we have hope. 30% to 60% will return to our trauma center with another violent injury, 30% to 60% of all our victims of violence will return again. so we are -- when they present that first time, we have an opportunity to do something about them to try to address the issues. things like conflict resolution. this is a young man a part of our school system. we have an opportunity while they're in schools. no, i schools are doing a lot. there are three r's. there should be four r's --
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reading, writing and conflict resolution. a -- let's look at mental health issues. one thing that's into the clearly addressed is the number of male issues. we need to look at things like the gun control. i mean, i'm not saying if i'm for or against but something we need to look at. our young kids are dying from violent injuries. we have to look at every possibility to keep them from dying. >> i'm glad you had the plat -- platform. we'll continue working throughout the newscast and on the web. for expanded coverage go to
5:35 pm you can see the slideshows and the events that unfolded before our eyes today. weather wise we have seen a warm humid day and the chance to dry out. now a much drier day, still some showers at the beach, back down through ocean city. 91 right now in the inner harbor. again. 823479 state capital. -- 92 state capital. a food to two feet. the rest of the evening quiet with 80s but we could see a shower or stomplet for the morning commute, we'll talk or about that and the latest on a strengthening storm in the gulf -- isaac, that's coming up. so cal shaken by
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earthquakes. look at that. a bull gets loose and runs rampant at a fire. find out how the animal got out and why he's the only one that really got away.
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32 people are hurt on the way to work. a commuter train and a city bus crashed in l.a. it. knock lad light poll to the ground. authorities say there were about 60 riders on the bussments none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening and the cause is still under investigation. an earthquake struck southern cal and more could be on the way. you can see the tremors. most of the quakes were small to moderate size but the smallest registered 5.5. only one minor damage was reported. no one was hurt but even more tremors are expected in the coming days. >> this is cell phone taken friday night at the pennsylvania fair as the rodeo bum ran
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rampantly through. they were immediately caught but the fourth ran away. the animal was finally captured. officials said there were people taken to the hospital for injuries. coming up, the republican national convention starts in tam amount of tropical storm isaac made changes in the schedule. find out what you can expect now. >> and gas prices are going high are and we've only just begun. how high will it go?
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the perry ham community is -- perry ham community is shocked. >> it happened during fourth period. sources tell abc2 news that a
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15-year-old student was being bullied during lunch, left and came back. a guidance counselor wrestled the students to the ground. another student was hurt. classes were dismissed after the shewelling. despite the shooting, perry hall will hold classes on time tomorrow. >> many -- it has become a disturbing sign of the times. while we don't know if bullying is behind the shooting, it is a concern. what goes through your mind the first thing you hear something like this? >> the first thing is it's
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happening around here. we've been fortunate that we've had incidents all over the country but haven't been involved in baltimore. we've had incident in baltimore, baltimore county outside the school but they get brought. our families and children are living in times where they often feel they don't have anyone to reach out to. >> what do you tell your kids? >> give them a chance to talk about how they're feeling, what they're doing. maybe the -- sons may take longer to warm up than the daughters, but they may be concerned and may be a day or two before they feel comfortable. clearly, letting them know they have a parent listening to them and that there are people in the school system or feeling comfortable. everybody in baltimore county goes to school. everybody in this part of baltimore and maryland dids to
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school, that could happen in my school. a lot of:will be thinking that. so to give them a chance to talk about it and get their concerns out and to listen to what they're saying. >> thank you very much for coming in and sharing that insight with us. jamie? >> thank you. there was a four alarm damage. one firefighter was rushed to shock trauma. he was burned in the face but has been treated and released from bayview. they are working to determine the cause. that sinkhole on east monument opened again. this time it's 50 feet deep. they tried to stabilize it. they had to dig another hole parallel to testimony of the sidewalk closed, gas lines,
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water lines and verizon service have all been affected. want to get you up to speed on the very latest on the strengthening of tropical storm isaac. it's continuing to churn, expecting a landfall in the next 24 hours. likely to be a category one hurricane by 8:00 this evening. likely to become perhaps as strong as a category two by tomorrow evening. toward the immediate gulf coast, we think ground zero will be near mobile bay, alabama, toward gulfport and reaching through southeastern louisiana. that will include the new orleans area. we'll keep a sharp eye. normally areas to the east of the eyewall will receive the most intense weather. that's what we'll be watching for. weather here locally has been on the quiet side.
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more than three inches of rain over the weekend. they were pretty impressive. no question about that. we had totals approaching three and a half inches. now 87 and partly cloudy skies. we'll continue to see relatively quiet weather. i want to show you weather in motion. it was partly cloudy today, had some pretty good drying weather. with the sunshine and the heat, we saw the humidity skyrocket. almost like a steam effect coming up off the earth. midand upper 80s, feeling -- mid and upper 80s, feeling like the 90s. it's really the three-day totals, today a very humid day as a result of all that moisture. as we look at the wind, a little bit of a southeast breeze but
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that's a humid breeze. along the western chesapeake, flood advisory with the south wind and a lot of extra runoff and plik kid water in the bay -- liquid water in the bay. feeling like the low 90s. a clear evening. we're watching a new boundary pushing in out of the west. this line of showers likely to impact us as we go into the early morning hours. putting the rain down from western new york state and south of chicago. that will be the area we will watch. could mean scattered showers or storms for us. the big storm on the map is down here in the gulf. the latest statistics on isaac as it makes its move toward the gulf coast, winds at 70 close to becoming a category one hurricane and will intense five
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to a cat one, maybe cat two as it lands near the mississippi gulf coast and the seat eastern portion of louisiana. tonight 70, clouds on the increase and rose disci. disci-- breezy. looking to next weekend. it's kind of a wild card. we don't know where isaac will make landfall but we do know all that rain will have to go somewhere. there's a possibility a good chunk could make its way up the east coast. >> with isaac, everyone is concerned about the gulf coast, biloxi. they were knocked over by
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katrina. >> uncanny timing and it's in that exact same region. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. now to democrat democrat news, all eyes are on tampa as the republican party kicked off its convention to much less fanfare. tropical storm isaac caused some last-minute scrambling but may not be as bad as anticipated. >> reporter: republicans are sticking to that motto of better safe than sorry. they even set up a debt clock. what that means, they mr. put it pat zero and monitor the amount of debt it accumulates during the republican national convention. the conote speaker, new jersey governor chris christie was seen walking around, get rag lay of the land. so despite the first day's
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cancellation, there is activity. that's all for day one of the republican national convention. tropical storm isaac forced organizers to condense four days into three. it's yet another obstacle for a campaign that wants to focus on the economy. late lit core message has taken the back seat to medicare, abortion. >> no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. >> reporter: the theme of the convention is a better future. one of the key goals is to make mitt romney seem more personable. a majority of voters believe the president is more in touch with the middle class and cares more about people. >> i want to speak to the women of america. >> reporter: republicans said the personal attacks from democrats is a gap they open to
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-- hope to close. >> 2012, republican national convention stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> reporter: we just got word from officials minutes ago that as of now they plan to go full steam ahead with events on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that's subject to change and they are thinking about people in the path of that storm. >> thanks for that live report from tampa. we'll see you tomorrow. general motors has banned candidates from its plants until after election day despite the fact that the u.s. treasury is its biggest shareholder. they want to be viewed as a success story. they are also focusing on selling its cars and trucks. we'll be right back. the car on the left was filled up with
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taking a look at the markets, one of the qiest trading day -- quietest trading days. the s&p 500 went down less than one point and the nasdaq closed up three points. let's take a look at your consumer alert. get ready for another hike in our gassments the average price of regular gas stands at three three 75 -- $3.75, but tropical storm isaac could make it worse which means fewer barrels of oil. lance armstrong may be banned from competing in cycling
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but his live strong cancer charity has been raking in big bucks. the foundation normally brings in about $3,000 but when he said he would give up his fight, nearly $80,000 was raised. a california jury found samsung violated six out of apple's patented and ordered samsung to pay damages. it could mean higher prices for features and different choices for mobile products. our team coverage continues in the perry hall high school shooting today. >> the details are coming up right now. >> i seen a teacher, he just wrestled him to the vending machine and tried to hold the
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gun at the same time. >> a shooting at high school high school and an instructor is the hero. >> some moms and dads were tran -- frantic, rushing to the school. >> we had gun forhere at perry hall high school. >> one student is in the hospital and another is in custody. >> we have team coverage but we want it start with jeff hager. >> reporter: students described the gunman as troubled. police say the unidentified student brought the concealed farm to school and entered the cafeteria during the lunch period where he fired the first strike. a student inside the cafeteria described


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